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Word Roots I & Pilgrim's Progress


Cindi Cartwright


5th - 12th




$15/semester copy fee

10am - 11am



Pilgrim’s Progress in Today’s English, by John Bunyon, retold by James H. Thomas


Membean Membership-$50/year

Internet access at home

About the Course

About half the class will be building vocabulary, using an online program from Membean This is an interactive, personalized, robust program for building vocabulary. They recommend three 15-minute sessions per week. We will do some class projects from Membean and some other study of word roots and word history. The other half will be working through "Pilgrim's Progress." We will be looking at it from a literary view, building more vocabulary and looking at the symbolism and teachings. We will definitely uphold the Bible as the word of God and will reference it in the lessons some, but this is more of a literary look at Pilgrim rather than a Bible study. This class is suitable for any student 5th grade and up.

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