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Krista Ranck


9th - 12th




$10 copy fee

9am - 10am



Sociology: A Christian approach for changing the world – 2nd ed (ISBN: 9781931283335 pbk or ISBN: 9781931283601 ebk)


Internet access

About the Course

This course illustrates how the groups, or social structures, that one belongs to have a profound influence on the way you think, feel, and act. Major themes include deviance, crime and social control; social stratification, race and ethnic stratification; gender and society; aging; and marriage and family, among others. The authors of the text have worked together to “change the world by producing a text that does not insult a student’s Christian faith.” We will utilize lecture, classroom discussion and reflection questions in class to promote learning. Work assigned for the week will include reading, writing and internet research.

Instructor Background: Hello! I am a married homeschooling mom of three (20, 17 and 12). We are in our 10th year of homeschooling and recently celebrated the graduation of our oldest in 2021. I am also a registered nurse and taught in the university setting for 4 years. I continue to maintain my license in order to teach OB nursing clinical for Oklahoma Baptist University

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