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Simply K


Sarah Kriwanek




Recommended for students turning 5 years old no later than September 1st


$30 supply fee

10am - 12pm



We will be using our own conglomeration of materials for the course.



About the Course

Language and Reading will cover ABC’s (identifying and writing), letter sounds, life skills, rhyme time, and a lesson from God’s Word. We will have plenty of hands-on activities, reading aloud, center time, carpet time, and classroom procedures.

Math will cover numbers 0-20, skip counting, 10 frames, number lines, patterns, shapes, concepts of time, calendar, and critical thinking skills. This will be a continuation of the Language and Reading hour, with Bible reinforcement, and hands on activities.

We work on many developmental skills throughout the year like how to hold a pencil, writing upper- and lower-case letters, cutting and pasting, preparing to read - beginning and middle sounds of words, colors (identification and spelling), etc. Some students may need more time developing those skills. Any parents of current year Kindergarten students who feel that their child needs another year before advancing to other classes are more than welcome to remain in the class.

Please contact Sarah with questions (assisted by Janet Crouch).

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