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Oklahoma History


Jessica Sims


9th - 12th




$10 copy fee

11am - 12pm





3-ring binder to place the notebook text (you will need to print this out weekly) used for each session.

About the Course

This course will trace the development of Oklahoma historically, culturally, economically, and politically. The diverse cultures that constitute the rich tradition of this state are part of the framework for studying the development of Indian Territory, Oklahoma Territory, and finally, the state of Oklahoma. A study of the Sequoyah Convention, the Oklahoma Constitutional Convention and the Constitution itself lends a basic understanding of Oklahoma today. We will also look at the importance of having young people understand the role history plays in displaying God’s sovereignty.

We will be using the textbook Oklahoma: The History of an American State (ISBN 10: 1567330568) as the foundation for notetaking; however, students will not be required to purchase this textbook.

Course Objectives: Students will be asked to take notes, do weekly independent reading, answer review questions, and end of unit tests.

No Textbook Needed—we will be using a free online textbook!

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