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Allyson Cartwright


3rd - 4th





10am - 11am



Math U See Gamma Student Pack or Delta Student Pack (depends on your child’s level). Each pack is about $45 on the or website.


About the Course

Please go to for the Readiness Assessments (Click on the parent link, getting started, and then placement. Please read through each section to find your child’s appropriate level. You can then click on the section to have your child take the readiness test)

Math u See Gamma and Delta

*Parents are responsible for purchasing a student pack. This class will be hands-on so that students may gain mastery with multiplication and division while having fun! We’ll be using songs, movement, and games in addition to the student book.

Gamma Student Pack will cover concepts such as mastering multiplication and double-digit multiplication, place value, telling time, counting money, units of measurement, finding the area and perimeter, and lastly, an introduction to fractions.

Delta Student Pack will cover concepts such as mastering simple division and division with a remainder, finding the area of a triangle and trapezoid, thousands and millions place value, finding the average, fractions, and an introduction to roman numerals.

I highly recommend that you have access to the Math u See math facts songs so that your student can practice, as we will be using it to learn our multiplication facts throughout the year. You should be able to listen to them here Or the CD is available at Rainbow Resources.

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