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Language Arts through Literature I


Denise Tullos


5th - 6th




$25 supply fee

9am - 10am



Follow My Leader by James B. Garfield Ellie’s Story by W. Bruce Cameron Because of Winn Dixie by Kate D. Camillo Shiloh by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor The Incredible Journey by Sheila Burnford and Carl Burger


4 three rings 1-inch binders

Loose leaf paper

Mechanical pencils


9x12 dry erase board

(All can be purchased at the Dollar Tree)

About the Course

In this fifth and sixth grade Learning Language Through Literature class, students will not only be studying the parts of speech, classifying sentences, and the writing process, but will be learning to identify these concepts and literary tools in novel studies. We will strive for this goal by reading some award-winning classics, as well as modern stories about man’s lovable, trustworthy, faithful, furry friend-- THE DOG! That’s right! This year dogs will teach us about friendship, loyalty, work, fun, identity, and God’s purpose for each of us! We will study and identify grammar usages, writing techniques, and literary devices in the novels that we will be reading. After discussion and class activities, we will learn how to write about all that we have read through the study of grammar to include parts of speech, sentence writing, and paragraphing. Also, included in this class will be a short poetry unit.

Homework: There will be about 30 minutes of homework each day to include reading about 10 pages or one chapter, a reading comprehension activity and /or a grammar lesson.

**We all learn in different ways so if you child needs any adaptations, please contact me to discuss.**

Instructor Background: Denise Tullos received her Bachelor's of Science degree in Elementary Education, Summa Cum Laude, from the University of North Dakota. She is married to Owen, a wonderful God-fearing and loving husband, who is actively serving as an attorney in the United States Air Force. Before starting a family, Mrs. Tullos taught in Christian schools for six years. She began teaching homeschool in 2005. They have four children ages 24, 21, 14 and 12 who have all attended their family homeschool. Their older two children are away at college pursuing the paths that the Lord has for them. Over the course of 26 years and 12 moves, life has taken them on wonderful adventures all over the world. They have trusted that God is with them wherever they go, that His ways are best, and that His creation is marvelous! When Mrs. Tullos is not teaching, she enjoys reading, studying the Bible (especially women’s Bible studies), hiking, and playing with the kids and their Mini Aussie, Chloe Belle

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