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IEW Fix it! Grammar II


Jill Rodriguez


6th - 8th


Passed IEW Fix it! Grammar I


$5 supply fee

1:45pm - 2:45pm



Town Mouse and Country Mouse $19

(Highly recommended but optional...Purchase the student book/teacher book combo for $29)


Fix-it! Grammar Cards: We will plan to write out our own grammar cards, however, a single purchase of the IEW grammar cards covers all 6 books. $15 @ this link

Clear view pencil pouch to hold grammar cards

About the Course

Grammar concepts will be taught by “fixing” or editing the four weekly sentences in their book. Vocabulary and grammar are stressed and reinforced through games. We also have a “GAME DAY REVIEW” most months where they win prizes. Homework is approx. 30 minutes weekly. We will complete the book over both semesters.

The concepts and language of IEW is also used in the writing classes if your child is ready to tackle both classes together or in alternating years.

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