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History of Warfare


David Cartwright


8th - 12th





2:15pm - 3:45pm






About the Course

Our goal in this class will be to attain an understanding of humanity through an examination of the various wars which have shaped the economic, political, religious, and philosophical influences of the present time. The focus of this class will include tactics, technology, economics, architecture, fortification, culture, and other topics relevant to the study of various tribes, states, nations, and empires which have existed from the time of the ancient Egyptians until now.

We will examine a cross-section of all war periods from tribal to modern, and while our focus will be the Western world, we will also explore Eastern conflicts as appropriate.

Another focus of the class will be projects designed as “living history”, i.e., learning about history by living some small part of it: baking bread by an ancient recipe, learning archery, paving a walkway, making Roman concrete, casting metal, flintknapping, building an earthenware oven, rough-hewing lumber and beams, and many other examples from the ancient and recent history world would be good examples of projects. Students may choose their own projects but must get them approved by the teacher.

*World History Credit

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