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English I - Literature & Writing


CJ Powell






$10/semester copy fee

10am - 11am



The textbook for this class is the student notebook containing weekly lessons, handouts, student notes, finished and returned assignments. An online grammar program is being considered.


Three ring 2-inch binder with pocket



Use of computer at home

Student email address

About the Course

Students will read selections from Shakespeare, O. Henry, James Hurst, Saki, Frank Stockton, Guy de Maupasant, Dr. Seuss, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr., C.S. Lewis, and Homer. Writing responses and essay writing will relate to the readings; students will practice basic writing process steps and the MLA format.

Outcomes: By the end of the coursework, the student will demonstrate

  • A specific understanding and use of the writing process, including prewriting, composition, and revision steps.

  • An understanding of literature within a culture and historical time frame.

  • An understanding of basic literary elements and identify them within a reading while applying them in a writing task.

  • An understanding of basic literary writing techniques/styles.

  • An understanding of and show through application the use of MLA format in cover page, first page, and referencing citations.

  • An understanding of idea development/organization while applying basic acceptable grammar, mechanics and sentence structure.

Homework: There should be daily time on literature and writing. This can be reviewing lesson concepts, completing reading/writing assignments, revising writing assignments or discussing lesson with parents/siblings. Completing work BEFORE Monday at noon is recommended. Questions: Please email me with your questions at You may also call me or text me at 405.388.0366.

Payment by check/cash/ Epic Vendor

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