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Drawing I


Tasha Wynn


9th - 12th




$10/semester supply fee

9am - 10am Thursday





For this class, the student will need a set of graphite pencils ranging in value from 6B to 6H (or as close to that range as possible), a sketchbook for ideas and personal drawing time, a pencil drawing pad (9x12) for class assignments, a kneaded eraser, an Xacto knife with sharp blades, a white eraser (not a pink or any other color), a blending stick set and artists sandpaper pad in class each week. In the spring semester each student will need a set of Micron drawing pens ranging in size from 005 to 08 in addition to their regular drawing supplies.

About the Course

Drawing skills are fun, creative and an excellent exercise in observation for the brain. In this class we will focus solely on the skill of drawing. We will learn to recognize the shapes that make up all objects we can see. From there we will learn how to put those shapes together into a recognizable object. In the first semester, we will use graphite pencils for the most part. In the second semester, we will learn to use drawing pens to gain confidence in our drawing skills. We will be learning about shading and highlighting in both media with the goal of a realistic drawing. This class is intended for those students who truly want to learn to draw. We will complete what we can in class, but students will be expected to work outside of class to complete drawings. This will be a fun hands-on class for beginner to intermediate artists.


Hobby Lobby has sales from time to time on art supplies at 50% off. Michaels will let you use an educator discount as well as stack coupons in-store even on sale items. is one of my favorite websites to order from and they often have some pretty good sales. Amazon is also a good resource.

Brands I recommend:

Drawing tools: Koh I Noor, Derwent, General’s Kimberly, Faber Castell, Castle Arts, Prismacolor Turquoise. Drawing paper: Strathmore, Canson for pencil drawing; mixed media paper from Canson for ink drawing; spiral bound pads are preferred.

Visit this link to see the supplies recommended, but feel free to purchase wherever works best for you: Blick U Course Supply List | BLICK Art Materials (

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