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David Cartwright


9th - 12th


Algebra I required
Algebra II recommended
Physical Science or equivalent recommended


$40 lab fee

10:30am - 12pm



Discovering Design with Chemistry, Dr. Jay L. Wile; ISBN: 9780996278461


3-ring binder to take notes in.

A scientific calculator is also necessary; but a graphing calculator is better because it can be used for upper-level math courses as well.

Students and parents are expected to check their emails at least twice a week.

About the Course

This class is an overview of chemistry, and will include studies of kinetics, the periodic table, chemical reactions, the nature of matter, sig figs, thermodynamics, stoichiometry, moles, enthalpy, entropy, etc. It is a lab science course, and lab reports will be due about every month. Students should expect to spend about an hour a day on this class every school day. Problems should be worked every week, and homework over each chapter is due every two weeks. Tests are every two chapters. Students should always bring their texts to class.

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