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Building Blocks


Wendy Siegfried & Gina Paul


1st - 2nd




$60/month for 2 hours
$30/month for 1 hour
$35 supply fee for science hour

10am - 12pm



Math U See Alpha Student Pack or Beta Student Pack (depends on your child’s level). Each pack is about $45 on the or websites.


Pencil with eraser

About the Course

You may choose to enroll for both hours or just the math or just the science hour. Please indicate which you want on your enrollment form.

Math: 10am-11am

Science: 11am-12pm

Math U See: *Parents are responsible for purchasing a student pack

Alpha Student Pack will cover concepts such as place value, telling time, and mastering single digit addition. Student will also learn skip counting by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s. Finally, the student will master relationships between addition and subtraction. Beta Student Pack will cover concepts such as place value, as well as learning and understanding the difference between numbers and inequalities. The student will also gain the ability to add and subtract any combination of whole numbers.

Please go to for the Readiness Assessments (Click on the parent link, getting started, and then placement. Please read through each section to find your child’s appropriate level. You can then click on the section to have your child take the readiness test).

Science: *Parents are NOT responsible for purchasing the science book. Copies will be provided.

*There is a one-time $35 science fee per student for the science kit and copies (this may be lower depending on how many children are in the class). Depending on enrollment, we will choose one of Dr. Jay Wile’s books, Science in the Beginning, Science in the Ancient World, or Science in the Scientific Revolution. We will use biblical background AND scientific truths to learn more about God and the world around us. Students will need attentive, listening ears.

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