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Krista Ranck


3rd - 5th




$25 supply fee

10am - 11am



Apologia Exploring Creation with Astronomy 2nd edition (ISBN: 1940110750)


Apologia Apologia Exploring Creation with Astronomy Journal (NOT the Jr Journal) (ISBN: 1940110750)

About the Course

This will be a hands-on class full of fun! We will study the basics of the field of astronomy: the sun, moon, planets, asteroids/meteors, the Kuiper Belt, dwarf planets, galaxies and more! Our classroom learning will include conversational lessons, copy work, some reading and writing, videos, journal work and craft projects (occasionally edible).

We cover the bulk of each lesson in class, any homework assigned is meant to be supplementary and fun. We will be doing as many craft and art projects as we possibly can with our supplies budget. I do not have any formal training in art, but I definitely want to inspire some creativity in our kids, and have some fun, as we learn about all of the amazing things God has created in our universe.

Instructor Background: Hello! I am a married homeschooling mom of three (20, 17 and 12). We are in our 10th year of homeschooling and recently celebrated the graduation of our oldest in 2021. I am also a registered nurse and continue to maintain my license in order to teach OB nursing clinical for Oklahoma Baptist University. I am a Christian who loves to study and marvel at the handiwork of our creator in the stars. “The heavens declare the glory of the Lord, the skies proclaim the work of his hands.” Psalm 19:1

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