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Around the World in 180 Days


Joyce Pierce


7th - 12th





1:45pm - 2:45pm



Around the World in 180 Days, Apologia, 2nd edition, Student Workbook


Internet access

About the Course

This class goes around the world and studies the political and physical geography of every continent. The goal of this class will be to learn the location of every country and a bit of the history of how it got there. Memorizing our states and capitals is a must! Lots of map work, but lots of fun, too. Foods and cultures will be part of the menu, also. The workbook gives lots of great questions and offers reading resource ideas.

The student MUST have Internet access and freedom to search for answers online. The class will require 2-4 hours of homework per week. Parents may want to expand on the class by giving extra reading to make it a history class, as well.

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