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Advanced Graphic Design


Tasha Wynn


9th - 12th


Introduction to Graphic Design


$10/semester supply fee

11am - 12pm





Ink pen (no pencils)



About the Course

This class is for the student who has already completed the Introduction to Graphic Design class or has prior approval from the instructor. In Advanced Graphic Design we will delve deeper into the concepts learned in the Introduction class to complete some real-life types of Graphic Design projects (i.e. logos, flyers, newsletter, billboard, signs, posters, etc.). Focus in this class will be on clear visual communication and some aspects of branding and its importance in the visuals of business imaging and communication. We will be focusing on the use of the Graphic Design process to complete projects and finishing them using Adobe Illustrator and/or Adobe InDesign.

For this class, the student will need an ink pen (no pencils), a sketchbook, and their laptop in class each week. These supplies are absolute requirements. Students are required to use their laptops to create their projects with the above mentioned software. These are industry standard and therefore the best to learn to do design work.

Note: This is not an art class and students do not need to have art skills to be effective in this class. Those skills are helpful, but not a requirement

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