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Adobe Photoshop


Tasha Wynn


9th - 12th




$10 supply fee

12:45pm - 1:45pm





Laptop with internet access

Adobe Creative Cloud subscription

Ink pen (no pencils)


About the Course

Adobe Photoshop is a complex software with a huge amount of editing and creative versatility. In this class we will be learning some basic aspects of manipulating photos, creating patterns for various printed surfaces (wallpapers, fabrics, wrapping paper, book covers, etc), simple photo editing and more through challenges, tutorials and classroom critique and instruction. We will be creating various projects in class and at home to learn these skills. This is a fun software to learn with so much possibility! Let’s learn together! For this class, the student will need an ink pen (no pencils), a sketchbook, and their laptop in class each week. These supplies are absolute requirements. A subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud and internet access are requirement for this class.

Note: This is not an art class and students do not need to have art skills to be effective in this class. Those skills are helpful, but not a requirement

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