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A Year on the Farm


Abigail Holden


3rd - 5th




$10/semester supply fee

11am - 12am






About the Course

We will explore A Year on the Farm by learning about farm animals, plants that can be raised on a farm, and the different types of farms.

We will learn how to care for farm animals; understand what their purpose is on a farm; discover illnesses they might get; and gain general knowledge about farm animals. We will learn about the wide variety of plants that can be grown on a farm; how to care for them, the various ways they can be used; and the diseases they can contract. We will also learn about several types of farms such as corporate, conventional, CSA, homestead, and hobby farms.

This class is geared for third through fifth graders who may be interested in 4-H, farming, or animal care.

There’s a lot to learn about Farming!

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